Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I'm working on a new assignment, another cover for Minnesota Medicine. I submitted 3 sketches for the art director to consider for the theme. This month the key article addresses the growing problem of how to dispose of pharmaceutical waste. What a timely discussion this is! Just recently I took my father to the doctor, and I took along some old tubes of unused medications. I asked them if they had a way to dispose of them properly, and they said no, they just threw them in the trash! I was shocked. I thought they had some scientific way to properly dispose of unused medications, but apparently, most pharmacies and hospitals just dispose the contaminants like every other household - dumped into the trash and into our water systems.

So which sketch do you think they chose?

The third one, the underwater scene. What fun this will be to paint, I'll post the finished version after I complete it.

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