Thursday, July 24, 2008


"Car With Gift"


"Banana Dream"

"Ice Cream Sundae"

"Sleepy Sheep"

"Le Sweet Life"

"Reindeer & Sled"

"Snow Globe"

Stationery Designs

"Pink Elephant"

"The Plaid Poodle"

"Shy Girl"

"Girly Girl"


"Holiday Deer"

"At the Vanity"



"Imaginary Friend"

"Fairytale Wedding"


Monday, July 21, 2008

Kay Lovelace Illustration

Here's one of my many favorite retro illustrators, Kay Lovelace. I found her simple line illustrations in 50's cookbooks, which I like to collect (just for the illustrations). I think its great how her simple line drawings were lively, whimsical and seemingly proportionately accurate at the same time. Her use of one or two colors and a pattern thrown in for background have been very influential in my own work.

Friday, July 18, 2008





"Big Shirt Boy" (Target catalog comp)

"Faces" (Target catalog comp)

"Dad & Son Photographers" (Target Catalog Cover Comp)

"Dad & Son" (Target Catalog Cover Comp)

"Fishing" (fabric design)

"Transformer Boy" (Target catalog comp)

"Girl with Doll" (Target catalog comp)

"Girl with Dolls" (Target catalog comp)

"Girl with Tray" (Target catalog comp)

"Boy on a Swing" (storyboard frame)

"Vanity" (fabric design)

"Girls with Balloons"

"Girly Girl"

"Shy Girl"

"Backyard Readers"

"New Boots" (Target catalog comp)

"New Clothes" (Target catalog comp)

"Santa Girls" (Target catalog comp)

"Boy with Laptop" (Target catalog comp)

"Kids on a Sofa" (Target catalog comp)


Holiday Wreath
Wreath on Door

Hot Chocolate


"Christmas Tree" (Target catalog comp)

"Tree and Toys" (Target catalog comp)

"Thomas O'Brien" (Target catalog comp)

"Reidel" (Target catalog comp)

"Wine Glasses" (Target catalog comp)

"Brush Set" (Target catalog comp)

"Gifts Spread" (Target catalog comp)

"Gift Boxes" (Target catalog comp)

"Checking my List" (Target catalog comp)

"Purse" (Target catalog comp)

"Sweater Girl 1" (Target catalog comp)

"Sweater Girl 2" (Target catalog comp)

"Science" (Discovery Channel Store catalog cover comp)


"Villa" (Mueslix commercial storyboard frame)

"Roast" (Hormel commercial storyboard frame)

"Hotel" (fabric design)

"French Farmhouse" (Hormel commercial storyboard frame)

"Hair Product" (storyboard frame)

"Flowing Hair" (CVS concept comp)

"Street Scene" (storyboard frame)

"Sleep" (Breathe Right commercial storyboard frame)

Kohl's cover, rough concept

"Store Display" (Target concept board)

"Windy Skirt" (Stationery design)

"Retro Cooking" (fabric design)

"Retro Vacuuming" (fabric design)

"Retro Laundry" (fabric design)