Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Bugged by a Bird

Today I was bugged by a bird. I stepped out of my house and heard this startling clear chirping. Not in distress, not singing exactly, just...chirping out a greeting, over and over and over. It was so close that I looked to see who was doing this, and a beautiful little finch, pale yellow and tan, was hopping from branch to branch on the shrub next to me. At first I thought I must be disturbing a nest, but the shrub was sparse and I could see no nest. So I proceeded down the walkway to the back of the house, and the bird followed me the entire way, chirping her head off. She had no fear of me, and came so close I thought she was going to sit on my head. I turned and headed back to the front of the house, and she followed me from tree to tree, chirping and flying close to me. Not dive bombing, nor agitated, just perky and curious. This is wierd, I thought. There's no nest, no baby bird on the ground, no other adult bird around. I went into the house and she continued to chirp and sing outside the door. I decided to go out again just to see what she would do, and she followed me around no matter where I walked.

Maybe this is a sign, I thought. Maybe it's my deceased mother coming back in the form of a bird to say hello. My mom would do that, you know. "Mom, is that you?" I whispered, hoping the neighbors wouldn't hear me. I knew this was silly but I couldn't resist. "OK, Mom if that's you, come and sit on my finger" and I held my hand out. The bird was so close I could almost touch her.

Now wouldn't this be a great story if that little bird flew over and landed on my outstretched finger?

Well it didn't. It just played hard to get, hopping around, chirp chirp chirp.

This is the end of my bird story, and don't tell anyone about it because they will think I am nutty. But I'm still thinking it was Mom just telling me to have a nice day.

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