Tuesday, November 10, 2009

How I Survived My Open Studio Event-Part 2

I pulled into the parking lot, and who should I see but Heinz Brummel photographing his latest creations. Yurts. If you don't know what a yurt is, that is understandable, but if you don't know who Heinz Brummel is, where have you been? Heinz is a legend in Minneapolis for just being Heinz (too many zany stories for here) and his extraordinary contemporary jewelry is not only sought after by collectors but exhibited internationally in galleries and museums. But now Heinz is into yurts, and you should be too. You don't have to go to Mongolia to appreciate the yurt, you can go camping on the weekend or have a cozy place ready your mother-in-law's next visit. Really - with a wood stove in the center, these well-crafted portable structures are very cozy! You can find the whole story of Heinz's new passion here: harlankhanyurts.com. And if you want to be bowled over by beautiful jewelry, step this way: heinzbrummel.com.

Next I spied Cathy and Steve in the Magic Bus Cafe. This is the first year that the purple bus (a 1978 ex-school bus) has joined the art festival, and what a great addition it proved to be. It was parked by the entrance to the building, and was busy the entire three days reviving weary art buyers who needed a cup of coffee or a bite to eat.

It is the brainchild of Chrissy and Cathy Lockyear, two sisters (can ya tell???) and Cathy's husband Chris, all who who share a love of cooking and catering. Their experience and enthusiasm were evident in the delicious healthy food - hot dogs with no nitrates, vegetarian & organic choices, and a menu with enticing names: "psychedelic relish", "magic chili dog" and "grateful dog" to name a few. Wouldn't this entertaining bus complete with charming hostesses be a great addition for your next family reunion? Check out their website: www.magicbuscafe.com.

Here's where Cathy treated me to a steaming hot French Roast Coffee.

Here's where Cathy spilled the entire cup of steaming hot French Roast Coffee.

We're almost to the door, you can see my paintings on the hallway walls....

We're in! And here is Cathy (guest artist for this year, I forgot to mention this but I thought you knew) taking one last look before we officially open. Her intricate mosaics are witty and poignant and filled with soul. I kept finding new details all weekend long, as did our visitors. Check out her website: www.mambo2mosaic.com for a closer look at an ancient art form gone contemporary.

Renee is doing some last minute arrangements here, she arrived only minutes before we did. Her business, bettyscagnetti, features one of a kind clothing and accessories, some of which are her original creations, some she refashions, and all of it has been adopted by a huge fan base that grows every year. You can see more of her playful fashions at www.bettyscagnetti.com.

The three days were filled with visitors, sales and sunny days, an extraordinary combination for a November weekend! Thank you to all who came, you made it all worthwhile!

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