Monday, June 28, 2010

Dancing Doggies and Looming Deadlines

This was not a good weekend! First of all, we had a huge storm and the power went out. Suzi (she looks just like this little dancing doggie) and I were in the dark from Friday at dinnertime until Sunday noon. This meant that I had no computer, and couldn't work on my illustration assignment, since much of it is computer-generated, and it was due on Monday.

When the electricity was restored on Sunday, I hopped to work, sketching and scanning away. Suzi came in to see me, and whenever she comes into my office and puts her paws on my lap, I know she has something on her mind. Food, a walk, Frisbee, etc. Well, this time she lead me to my bedroom to show me that she had rummaged through my purse and found 3 Dark Chocolate Hersheys tidbits. (doesn't everybody carry chocolate in their purse?) She had carefully peeled away the tin foil, and consumed the chocolate. I wasn't too concerned, but I decided to call the emergency vet anyway. Good thing I did, they told me that the little amount she had consumed was poisonous to a dog her size, and that I should bring her right in because they needed to induce vomiting. So off we went. I'm thinking, is there anything else that can go wrong this weekend? She was shaking like a leaf because she hates to ride in the car and I was shaking because I was afraid I was going to lose her!

She's fine now. Whew! And I finished my job that night. We are dancing in celebration!


Magnolia said...

Andree, this is a wonderful story. I'm so happy that Suzi is okay. What a smart pup to take you to the scene of the crime to help you figure out the mystery. She may have known that chocolate was bad for her, but like most females, she couldn't resist anyway! Just kidding, but really there are so many things that dogs can't eat, that it's a wonder most of them survive. Onions, garlic, raisins, to name a few.

Andree said...

Thanks for your note, Magnolia. Yes, I thought that was pretty smart of Suzi to take me to the scene of the crime! I'm so happy she is OK, too!