Thursday, April 28, 2011

New Cover Illustration

I was fortunate to work again with Janna Netland-Lover of Local Design Group on the May cover of Minnesota Medicine Magazine. The theme for this issue's cover was the subject of organ transplants. Organ transplants are now able to be used on a much wider base of the population for a wider variety of situations than in the past. Janna envisioned an illustration of silhouettes and organs - so I got out my trusty Wacom pen tool and tablet, and away I went.

First I sent her the following three sketches, using the magazines template to position the elements to work with the type and label.

Version One: Patterned background, organs, which are illustrated in pen & ink style are highlighted in rectangular solid shapes.

Version Two: Plain painterly background, organs depicted in realistic medical illustration style, no backgrounds to highlight them.

Version Three: Another painterly background, but in warm colors, and organs are highlighted by rectangles.

Janna chose the patterned background, but preferred the organs without highlighting shapes behind them. So I went to work on tweaking the figures, completely changing a few, and here's how they came out:

I'll post the finished cover tomorrow.


Andy Young* said...

Hi Andree,
You have a beautiful site and you draw very well. I shall visit this blog more often.

Could you allow me to use your Cow Jumps Over The Moon illustration for my latest posting on Harry Chapin's song?

Thanks so much.

Andree said...

Thanks so much for your comments, Andy - I enjoyed visiting your blog, too! I may be too late in saying this, but it's fine by me if you'd like to use the Cow Jumps Over the Moon illustration - and thanks again for asking permission.