Friday, January 4, 2013

Vintage Hair Dryers

I'm going to be sketching a retro-style illustration of one of my Fashionistas sitting under a hairdryer, so off to the Internet I went in search of inspiration and reference. I discovered these great photos and many more on Le Blog de SoVeNa here.  Do check out this blog for some amazing photos of what we ladies used to do to torture our hair in the name of LOOKING GOOD!

 Closer to my time is this sparkly red chair with attached plastic dryer in BasementBlastoff's online Etsy shop: here.

I do remember my high school days, sitting on the edge of my bed wearing a bonnet similar to the one below found in another Etsy shop ForEclecticSouls here.

Today we have many more gizmos and gadgets to make our hair do what it ultimately doesn't want to do. Some things never change!

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