Saturday, February 2, 2013

If wishes were horses we'd all ride away

This is where I wish I were today, looking at the waves.

This is where I am today, looking at my garden.


The lovely beach photograph is courtesy of You are looking at Poipu Beach on the Garden Island of Kauai, Hawaii. This is where I am going to learn to surf and get sunburned. Instead, I went to Trader Joes today. I stood in line with my purchase and commented on the huge crowd of shoppers. The clerk said, "Oh, it's because of the warm day today - everybody came out to do their shopping." It was 10 degrees today! I guess that's warm compared to yesterday, where the windchill factor made it 35 below zero, but still, only in Minnesota would one say that 10 degrees is a nice warm day for shopping. I'd rather be surfing!

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My Little Corner said...

I hear ya! I'd rather be nice and warm too. I'm tired of always wearing a hoodie zipped up to the top - in my house! Summer can't come soon enough and boy it would be nice to have a warm vacation !