Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Dad turns 100!

1926 - Dad, 13 in center in overalls, high school photo
1941, Wedding Day for Mom and Dad
1950's- Dad in the clubhouse of his mini-golf course
Dad sketching in the mall, age 94
Dad and his sketchbook
Today is my dear dad's 100th birthday. Because he is still very active and seems much younger, it didn't really dawn on me how old 100 really is until I purchased a card that had a big 100 on the front. I stared at the one and the two zeros and it sunk in - that's an entire CENTURY!

I thought of all the things he has seen and experienced from the time he was born in 1913: Women's right to vote, 2 World Wars, the Holocaust, the Atomic bomb, the Great Depression, the civil rights movement, man walking on the moon, inventions such as the Model T, the computer/internet, the evolution of the telephone, airplane travel ....oh my gosh the list is endless! Throughout it all my dad has stayed very much in the present moment, always enjoying the company of his friends and family and the work that occupied him for so many years, his beloved miniature golf course. Happy Birthday Dad - you are my inspiration!


Sarah said...

WOW! Happy 100th Birthday, Dear Great Uncle Leo!
Please give him and hug and kiss from all of us. He looks great!
I always thought him to be so handsome. I remember him with such fond memories at the Floyd Monument Mini Golf!
Andree, I can't believe how much you look like your mom! I never noticed that til I saw their picture together. What a beautiful couple!!
Celebrate all week!
Cousin Sarah

Andree said...

Hi Sarah,
Thanks for those nice comments!! I gave Dad a big hug in your name. He had a fabulous birthday and I'll post some photos when I get them downloaded. Sometimes I catch myself in the mirror and think I'm looking at my mother - so I think you are right about a resemblance. Of course, I don't look like this photo of Mom (she was 17 on her wedding day) - but I do look like Older Mom for sure. Thanks so much for that compliment! Hope all is well with you and your family!

darcy said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your dad!! i love the first picture!! what a treasure!

Andree said...

Thanks Darcy! I love that first photo, too, which is a crop of a much larger assembly of young characters. Some old photos are so incredibly sharp and beautifully detailed - I know as a photographer you must really appreciate them!