Sunday, February 9, 2014

Grill Girl

It doesn't matter if there is four feet of snow on the deck, you can still go out and barbeque. Well, YOU can go out and barbeque. I'll just sit inside by the fireplace, waiting for dinner to be served. This is all a dream, I confess, since I don't have a deck, a grill or a working fireplace.

However....I can sit by the non-working fireplace and wait for a pizza to be delivered, that's my idea of a relaxing dinner!


Sarah Grant said...

Does it count if Curt just snow blew 4 ft of snow off the freshly laid (and 8 yrs in the waiting) patio?

We are dreaming of the days ahead that we can get out to use it without fear of losing fingers. Or chunks of the children. :)

Lots of love and warm wishes,

Andree Tracey said...

Oh, Sarah, you're so funny! I'm so glad you have a patio under all that snow, eventually you will get to use it, hopefully with all your fingers and children intact!

Way Out Wear said...

My brother has a covered outdoor kitchen so he goes out and grills all the time. My barbecue is not covered and since I don't like being cold, I will not be opening the lid for at least another 2 months. We do fake it using our Cuisinart Griddler for steak and hotdogs this time of year though (so we're halfway there)

Andree Tracey said...

I'm with ya on the indoor grilling! I know we are in the same boat (or should I say, same zone) when it comes to cold weather. I'm happy to wait until it is at least above the freezing mark before I do any outdoor cooking!