Sunday, March 9, 2014

Goodbye Papa

Dad with his sketchbook

At the Mall

By the garden with Suzi-Q

On Ash Wednesday (a day to remind us of our mortality, ashes to ashes) my beloved Papa departed this world. He was healthy, lucid and comfortable to this last week when he stopped eating. On Wednesday he became very tired and lay down in his bed. We said everything we needed to say with lots of love, and while I held his hand, he breathed his last at 6 p.m. I could not have wished for a more peaceful transition than this. He was seven days shy of his 101st birthday, yet I thought he would live forever and I cannot believe he did not. I miss him terribly, but I hold him close to me in all the things I see and hear that bring him to mind. He was the most important man in my life, a source of inspiration, comfort and wisdom. Today as I walked outside and saw the trees, I was reminded of the time I complained that the trees were so depressing in winter, stark without their foliage. He told me it was his favorite season for the trees, because you could see through them to the beyond, unlike the summer versions. I'm sure his sunny disposition is serving him well in the Beyond.


Sarah said...

Oh Andree...

Your post and pictures made me cry...what a beautiful relationship you have enjoyed with your amazing Dad. He touched many, many lives in his long life.

I have great memories of him making my brother and I a root beer floats at the mini-golf course in Sioux City when we were young.

He made us feel so special as he served them up with a kind word, a smile on his handsome face and a twinkle in his eyes (just like his sister, Emma!)

Please know of our prayers for you at this tough time of transitions and reflections...your Papa is smiling down at you with love and joy!

Love and prayers,
Curt, Sarah, Luke, Noelle, Eva, Sophia and Juliette

Way Out Wear said...

Oh I am so sorry for your loss, this is a wonderful tribute which I am positive he would have loved.

My father was only 60 when he passed away. It sounds like yours was able to live a pretty full life. My deepest sympathy to you and your family

Chris said...

Andree, so sorry to hear. It's a tough one, I lost my dad last September at 84. I didn't know your dad was an artist , I'm sure that's a very tight bond.

Chris and Joanne

Andree Tracey said...

Sarah, Denise, Chris and Joanne, Thank you so much for your kind words - they bring comfort in this sad moment. I was very lucky to have him with me for such a long time. He left a huge collection of funny and loving memories not only for me, but for the many people whose lives he touched.

Sedgwick Fancypants said...

Sorry about your dad.

Susan Gaissert said...

I just discovered your blog yesterday. I truly enjoy your illustrations. This post touched my heart. I hope that you are slowly coming to terms with not having your dad here in the physical world with you. Please keep interpreting that world through your art. Best wishes.

Andree Tracey said...

A belated thank you to Sedgwick for your kind comment.

And Susan, I also thank you for your thoughts and encouragement. Speaking of thoughts, I think of my dad quite often. So many things and events remind me of him. And I often think to myself, now what would Dad do or say in a situation like this? So even though he is not in my physical world, I still feel his presence in my life.