Thursday, September 3, 2015

Poppy sketches

Here are a few pages from Poppy and Her Magic Hat, along with the preliminary sketch that preceded each final illustration. It's always interesting to see the progression of an artist's work, from the concept to the final. Sometimes there is very little difference, but sometimes the transformation can be significant! In order to prevent revisions after the artwork was in the final stage, I was very careful to keep the preliminary sketches as detailed as possible so that the editor would have a good idea of what the final versions would look like.

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Ben Bensen said...

Hey Tracy... shades of your storyboard career, eh? Long time, girl, how ya been? I've been a long time fan, but I rarely comment. Don't feel bad about that. I've got four blogs and everyone tells me how much they enjoy it, but no one ever posts any comments.

All the best...