Thursday, February 23, 2012

Cleaning House

DO YOU THINK I HAVE ENOUGH MARKERS? Sheesh. And you know what, I would answer, no. It's like having too many old clothes in the closet and you still can't find anything to wear! I have markers from the 80's made by a California company that went out of business many years ago, but I still cling to those markers and mix up the ink refills like a deranged chemist. I have the original Tria markers, and they too, are no longer produced. I hear the second generation Tria markers were not as well received as the first, so I cling to mine, trying to mix the refill colors from the existing dyes that I have. The Prismacolors are nice, but since they are non-refillable, they are in all stages of depletion. I'd like to pare this mess down to a simple palette, but I'm not sure I have it in me. We'll see.


GumboBen said...

I still have the xylene based markers and occasionally use them. I only recently renovated my studio. Actually, I moved it all into two car garage which I completely rebuilt to suit my work style. I threw away so much stuff, but couldn't dump the markers. Water based, petro based and alcohol based... I still got em!

Andree said...

Hey Ben,
I hear ya! I still have Ad Markers from the '80's, pre-Storyboard days, and I can't bear to part with them, even though I never use them. They aren't even in the photo, they're in boxes in my basement.

I'm impressed with your studio renovation - good for you!