Tuesday, February 28, 2012


The two year anniversary of my younger brother's passing was last week, and so I have been thinking of him constantly. Oddly enough, other people who have no knowledge of this anniversary have spoken to me about Paul, finding his letters while cleaning out drawers, or mentioning that they found a photo of a memorable occasion they shared with him in the past. It's almost as if the Universe is gently calling attention to his memory to mark this milestone.

 I came across this scrap of paper which I have saved. Years ago, Paul and I took Dad to a Taco Bell which he loves, and while we were finishing our lunch, Paul sketched this bucking bronco and cowboy on the receipt. I was charmed by it! I think I'll find a tiny frame for this monumental treasure.


Elizabeth Rose Stanton said...

So sad :( But what a wonderful, sweet little memento to have discovered. The little sketch is so charming. It would be nice to see what it looks like when you have framed it. Hang in there. Btw, I love your art :)

Andree said...

Hi Elizabeth - I know I am ridiculously late in responding to your kind comment but as they say, better late than never! Thanks so much for your thoughts and compliment, they are very much appreciated!