Monday, March 12, 2012

Happy 99th, Dad!

                                                                from Dad's sketchbook
                                                         Dad in the clubhouse, 1955
                                                 Dad at the Farmer's Market last fall

 Today is my dad's 99th birthday. To the man with the biggest heart, who for nearly a century (!) has encouraged my creativity and independence, who gave his community fifty years of fun and entertainment with his miniature golf course, who to this day is my inspiration and mentor,


My Little Corner said...

Congratulations! And a very Happy Birthday!

99 years - that's truly amazing!

Sarah said...

Dear, sweet, Great Uncle Leo!

Happy 99th birthday from your great niece, who remembers how handsome you were, and how sweet you were as you offered my brother and I root beer floats as we played round and round of mini-golf.

I remember how you used to sketch at Southern Hills Mall and how my Grandma Emma's eyes would twinkle when she talked about you.

We were just in S.C. to visit my soon-to-be 99 yr old Grandma A, and each time I make sure to tell my kids about the mini golf course that brought so many so much fun, and the little house that Great Grandma/pa T lived in right by there.

Miss them all - especially my dear mom as her birthday was recently. I know she and Paul are enjoying each other's company and praying we'll all be together soon! Well...not TOO soon! :)

Love you, sweet Andree, and I'm so proud of all the beautiful artwork you are inspired to produce!