Monday, June 4, 2012

The summer begins

 It was such a beautiful morning I had to go out and smell the mock orange bush, which has the MOST fragrant flowers ever, for a mere 2 weeks only:

And then I had to check out the Gold Flame Honeysuckle, which blooms all summer long on the trellis:

And before I went back to work in the house, I saw the reflections in the birdbath, and thought what a great day it is!


My Little Corner said...

Mock orange would have been great, mock orange PLUS honeysuckle must be devine! It looks like you have lovely weather and a beautiful garden to enjoy it in!

Andree said...

You are right, those 2 flowers are a devine combination!

roberto said...

Hi, Andree, I found your blog by chance, and I'm really impressed with your art. I can not believe how many stages you pass until you have finished painting!
I like your painting!!! :)