Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Beehives and accordions

Remember beehives? Of course you don't. Remember Lawrence Welk and the popularity of the accordion? Of course you don't.

Well, unfortunately I do remember these icons. My grandparents were glued to their black and white TV every Saturday night watching the Lawrence Welk program. Lawrence had his band behind him in their chartreuse green dinner jackets, surrounded by the glow of the pink curtains in the background and then of course you had those lemon yellow matching outfits of the Lemon Sisters, I mean the Lennon Sisters. That program must be one of the oldest running programs around. Every Saturday night my dad, who is almost 101, turns on his TV to watch a little polka dancing, a little tap dancing, all to the tunes of Lawrence's band.

And beehive hairdos,....well, that's when you would "rat" your hair. Enuf said about that.

This is an illustration for the sixties project I mentioned in a previous post.

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