Monday, January 6, 2014

God's Frozen People

Here in Minnesota, we are, as Garrison Keillor stated, "God's Frozen People". Our native celebrities the Coen Brothers famously concluded that Minnesota was just "like Siberia, with more family style restaurants". Today, factoring the windchill, it is minus 45 degrees. Since water freezes at 32 degrees, it feels like we are 77 degrees below freezing, which is colder than Mars. I am not bragging here, I am wailing ..... BOO HOO I DON'T WANT TO LIVE HERE!!! But then I listen to the news and everywhere else has it's own set of problems and most are worse than mine! I'll just hunker down and work inside because I am lucky and have heat and food and the great great benefit of being able to work at home. The most important thing about today though, is my little short haired dog, who cannot stand the cold, is pee-pad trained! YES!

P.S. I did not create this hilarious illustration, and I wish I could give the illustrator credit but I can't read the signature on the side! If anyone knows, I would be happy to publish the name!


Way Out Wear said...

I love that drawing! Yes it's very cold right now almost everywhere across the country (and in Canada too) - thank goodness we have access to heat sources as the colder I am, the less productive. And my dog (a lab) doesn't ever seem to be affected by the cold - the only weather she doesn't like is some of the heavy rains where the drops seem to plunk on her head and then she looks at me like I threw them!!
Stay warm!!!

Andree Tracey said...

I just amended my post to say that I am not the creator of this hilarious illustration (I wish I were!), in case anyone should assume that. I know what you mean about non-productivity in cold weather. I just want to curl up under a blanket and read a good book! I hope you are staying warm too, you are farther north than I am!