Friday, January 13, 2012

Illustration Friday - Prepare

If ever there was to be a time to prepare, this is it!

If you know someone who is busy preparing, she might appreciate a note from you to remind her to slow down and enjoy a lollipop now and then. This mom-to-be can be purchased as a set of hand-glittered note cards at Darcy's Pretty Girl shop.


Kelly Bermudez said...

What a great idea for "prepare"! With four kiddos of my own, I sure know about that: ))

Rob Baddorf said...

Oh, how wonderful!
Very creative!!

Andree said...

Thanks for your comments, Kelly and Rob, I'm glad you liked my contribution to this Friday's theme!

Angel said...

Oh, haha! Great idea for the theme. I remember those nesting, preparation days. Very nice illustration.